Airplanes and Bacon- What’s better??!

I have been coming to the Cable Airport in Southern California with my grandfather since I was a kid. I always loved watching the planes take off- I guess that’s why I love air travel so much now! We used to pack a picnic and sit on one of the outside tables, off the main road, to watch the planes. My grandpa loved planes and cars, so this was a really special activity to do with him. There were red ones, blue ones, big ones, and small ones. All kinds of unique planes!

That sounded like a Dr. Seuss rhyme, but it’s true!

One particular gloomy day, I invited my friend to a breakfast date to catch up on our lives. We haven’t seen each other for awhile, which is usually what happens with busy friends. We both have a lot on our plates, so to speak, so I decided we should have a fun date at the airport as a surprise!

I drove her and I to Maniac Mikes, which is right on the lot, and we placed our name down for a table on the outside patio. I LOVE this little cafe. (It gets really busy in the morning so just keep that in mind. The earlier you get here the better!)

cable airport front

It’s nice inside…..manic mikes

…but the real action happens on the patio. You’ll see planes take off and land right by your table because there is a runway just a couple of feet away! You can even hear people cheering! It’s an exciting place!!

We needed coffee, so we got breakfast and sat down to engage in the usual girl talk. Boys, work, family, love, dreams, etc. I got the ‘Controller’ Breakfast- which is the ‘biscuits and gravy’ and OMG it was delicious. Best friend ended up eating some of mine. She had the eggs and bacon, which was also amazing. They have such cute aviation themed names for all their food.

breakfast yummy

After a lengthy convo, we decided to explore. There are tons of planes stationed to the ground around the restaurant. The runway is a couple of feet away, so be sure not to walk on that! They seem to be really lenient here at the airport because I decided to just walk up to these planes! I could’ve touched them if I wanted to. I saw some pilots giving tours of their plane to a bunch of boy scouts, which was really sweet. I bet if you asked you could get a peak inside!

plane short side

Check out these beautiful planes! Have you ever been on a plane like these?

(Click these to open to see the magnitude of these airplanes)

plane under pic

plane travel pic 2

cool plane travel pic

This was the biggest plane I’ve ever seen up close at the Cable Airport. What a beauty. I can see why pilots love their planes.

If you have a couple hours to spare in Southern California, road trip really early with your date to the cable airport and grab a cup of Joe. Thanks for reading!

me at airplane.jpg

I’d love to own a plane like this one day and just travel the world. *Daydreams*

Spot you soon,


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4 thoughts on “Airplanes and Bacon- What’s better??!

  1. Had breakfast there many times. Good family place with good food. It’s also fun to check out the planes that come and go. Why go to the usual boring coffee place when you can do something different. Thanks Red….

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  2. What an amazing place. Is it near Los Angeles? I would love to go there when I visit LA in a few weeks.
    I am glad that you shared the special times with your Grandfather. Wonderful memories!


    1. Hi, it’s about 30-45 minutes from downtown la. Depends on how much time you have and where you’re staying, it would be a good early morning spot! Thanks for reading!

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