Best LA Hikes: Hidden Hills of Claremont

On the outskirts of LA County lie the amazing green hills of Claremont, CA. Popular by walkers, runners, chatty stroller moms, and adorable older couples holding hands, the Thompson Creek Trail is one of the nicest walking trails in LA county. Once you walk the trail, you have the option of branching off onto two amazing hiking trails. The more popular, The Claremont 5-Mile Loop, and the hidden, Johnson’s Pasture.

Thompson Creek Trail


Where is it/ How long is it?: The Thompson Creek Trail is 2.2 miles and begins on Towne Ave. and continues all the way until Mills Ave in Claremont, CA.

How is the trail? The trail is a steady incline from Towne to Mills. It is relatively easy and paved smooth.

Cautions? Dog/ Horse Poop, lots of people




The Claremont 5 Mile Loop

Where is it/ How to get there/ How long is it? The 5 mile loop is… 5 miles.
Driving: If you continue north on Mills Ave there are two parking lots for the loop. One is off of Mills Ave that is a bit of a walk to the opening of the trail.The other parking lot is right at the entrance of the trail. I believe you may have to pay for the closest one.
Walking: At the end of the Thompson Creek Trail, make a left and walk toward the mountains. At the end of the sidewalk, there is the entrance to the Loop.

How is the trail? It’s a tough trail. It is very steep and not paved. You’ll be walking on loose dirt, sand, rocks, and grass. If you’re a beginner, don’t feel bad about not making the entire loop. Go early because it gets very hot after 8 am and it makes the trail that much harder.
Cautions? There is a sign for mountain lions and rattlesnakes, although I haven’t heard much about sightings of either.


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Johnson’s Pasture

Where is it? How to get there? How long is it?
Almost at the end of the Thompson Creek trail there is a street intersection. There is a horse stable on the left side and metal dividers blocking off the entrance to another street. Cross the metal dividers…20160310_085458

walk up a small hill…20160310_085312

…and you’ll find the hidden trail. Continue up as high as you can go and you’ll reach Johnson’s Pasture. It’s about 2-3 miles.
Driving: Park in the residential neighborhood and cross the metal divider.

How is the trail? Not as hard as the Claremont Loop but it is a very steep incline. The trail is not paved so you will be walking on loose dirt, sand, rocks, and grass.
Cautions? Many people have seen rattlesnakes and deer up here. Keep an eye out for them and keep your dogs on leashes.


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I used to be hesitant to share these trails with anyone because they are very special to me. My dad and I like to chat as we push ourselves to complete these hikes-we’ve been doing this for years! It’s a special thing that we get to do together. I thought I should make a post about the mountains because others should experience the wonder too. Honestly, walking these trails clears my head and gives me the peace I am always searching for in this crazy world. The views aren’t bad either! 😉

Have you been up these mountains? What other hikes do you suggest? If you hike these, let me know! I’d love to know that you enjoy them as well!

Happy Hiking,




One thought on “Best LA Hikes: Hidden Hills of Claremont

  1. Hi Red! I have hiked many of the trails that you show here. There are trails for the beginner, for the intermediate and for the those that are well experienced. If you go early in the morning you will definitely see lots of deer. If you are lucky, maybe a mountain lion!

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