6 Best Travel Apps: Besides the Basics

I am all about making things easier! I am planning a trip to Europe and I have been researching apps that can really help me. I have been buying plane tickets, train tickets, hotels, and mapping out my entire itinerary before I even leave. It’s so stressful but so fun! My friend and I are planning together, and we both aren’t exactly the most on-top and organized people, so we have apps that make everything SO much easier.

Keep reading to see if you can pick up an extra tool!


What it is:Travel Organizer
Free or paid: They have free and premium versions
IOS and Android

Free version: It stores all your confirmation numbers, reservations, contact info. You can make changes to your itinerary, add notes, photos and you can share your travel plans with a link. It keeps all your documents in 1 place and auto imports confirmations from your email.

This literally makes EVERYTHING so much easier to see. I need to see things visually, and this really helps me from losing my mind with confirmation numbers and itineraries.

Premium benefits: $4.09 per month. You can set real-time alerts,  find better seats on flights, flight refund notifications, it can track your reward points, and has extra VIP benefits. Check out the details

*Thanks to the KevinandAmanda blog that turned me onto this amazing app!

What is it: Searchable Engine for Flights, Hotels, and Cars
Free or Paid: Free!
IOS and Android

Free Version: It can search hundreds of airlines for the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals. Allows customizing based on price, geographical location, reviews, and even rental car features. Special note: compatible with the apple watch! I have been using this daily to watch certain flights to see if they’ll get lower. Wow, I love this app. Check out the details

*Thanks to my friend CHARLOTTE for telling me about this app!

xe currency

XE Currency
What is it: App that helps you convert your currency to any other currency.
Free or Paid: Free and Premium
IOS, Android, Blackberry

Free Version: Besides converting currency, it shows you live rates, when they change, and in which country.

Premium Version: $1.99-You can ‘follow’ 20 currencies instead of 10 (free) to stay up-to-date and no advertisements.

Honestly, I don’t see a big difference, so I wouldn’t get the premium version.
Check the details *Thanks to Paradise- Kerala  for the awesome blog about this app!

postagram.jpgPostagram Postcards
What is it: An app that lets you create and send postcards for 99c!
IOS and Android
Free to download, pay to send postcards

Free Version: You can add 140 characters, it has a pop-out photo you can keep, and they can be mailed to anywhere in the world! High quality paper and fast shipping. Such a cute idea! I love that I can send my OWN photos instead of buying them at souvenir shops. I feel like it is more personalized. I can’t wait to send them from Ireland!

Check the details- Android
Check the details- IOS

Thanks to Infogramania for the tip about this app!

What is it: A ‘digital wallet’ that lets you send money to friends instantly.
IOS and Android

Free Version: You can connect your bank accounts safely and transfer money to friends. It is so quick! My friend and I are using this to repay each other if one of us buys the hotel for 5 nights or  train tickets together. So convenient!
Check here for the details *Thanks to my friend LIZ for telling me about this fantastic app!


What is it: An amazing travelers forum with reviews and advice on everything!
Free or paid: Free!
IOS and Android

Free version: You have access to one of the best travel forums that includes reviews for hotels, restaurants, activities, and things that are near you. I am obsessed with their website, so their app is a MUST HAVE. Great for finding unique things to do on the road. I can’t wait to use this in Europe.

Check the details here *Thanks to TripAdvisor for making this great app!

Some NECESSARY & BASIC APPS that you must-have when you travel are:
Google Maps– for easy directions
Uber– quick getaway ride
Yelp- helpful reviews for restaurants/activities (if you don’t have tripadvisor)

Of course, there are THOUSANDS of apps that you can use for travel, but I happen to be using these quite often! Have you used any of these apps? I am so in love with TripIt and Skyscanner! They’re all great apps, but I personally have been using these two every day when I am in full-on-planning mode. Comment and let me know if there’s one that you are obsessed with! I’d love to know!

Spot you soon,

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