March 30: Manatee Appreciation Day!!

OMG! My favorite day of the year. If you don’t know me well enough yet, know that I LOVE MANATEES! Today is my day to geek out, won’t you geek out with me?cute 2.jpg

They’re my favorite animals. I feel a kinship with them, because mostly they just eat and sleep ;)!

Personally, I think they are just chubby mermaids! They are gentle, beautiful, chubby little cuties and they love people! They love hugs, kisses, and body rubs!

Humans, however, are destroying their environment and now they are endangered! We pollute their waters, they swallow our fishing lines, hit them with our boat rudders, and because of global warming, the plants that normally grow for them to eat are diminishing!


It makes me so sad, I can’t take it.hand love

Keep reading to see what we can do to help these chubby cuties!

Some other FUN Manatee Facts:

  • They come up for air every 15 minutes
  • They usually have pink or white bellies
  • Their nicknames are Sea Cows
  • People, sharks, crocs, and alligators are their biggest enemies.
  • Did you know they can weigh up to 1200 lbs!
  • They like water warmer than 60 degrees F.
  • They’re herbivores–> Hehe eating romaine lettucelettuce.jpg
  • They usually live 60 years
  • The oldest manatee living now is 51 and his name is SNOOTY. This is him ๐Ÿ™‚snooty



Have you ever wanted to swim with these friendly creatures? It is definitely on my bucket list! At Crystal River in Florida, you can. You can kayak with them, snorkel with them, canoe around them, and take selfies with them. Expect to spend roughly $60 or less! (It could be more if you want a private tour.) Crystal River Manatee Tours




calf manatees“Save the Manatee Club will ensure that warm-water refuges are available to protect manatees from the cold, ensure that sick and injured manatees are rescued and nursed back to health, find solutions to the catastrophic mortality events on Florida’s east coast, stop pollution and polluters, restore damaged habitats, educate and advocate in defense of manatees and their habitats.”
Donate to save a Manatee life

hugs.jpg“Adopt-A-Manateeยฎ for $25 and Get:

  • An adoption certificate with full-color photo, and biography of a real endangered Florida manatee.
  • The Manatee Zone, our official Club newsletter. featuring updates on the adopted manatees.
  • Paddle Tales, our e-newsletter (when an email address is provided).
  • FREE SHIPPING for U.S. adoption orders.”
  • I am thinking of adopting one this year, just to be able to donate a little bit more. Check out the program:ย Adopt a Manatee


Let’s appreciate their cuteness and their majesty. Learn about them, learn how to do your part to save them, and if you feel so inclined, donate!cute.jpg

Thanks for geeking out with me ๐Ÿ™‚

Spot you soon,

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Featured Image credit toย Nature Coast Kayak Tours.




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