Want to be successful? Reevaluate your life goals this way

It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, am I right? I have SO many things I want to do every single day. I need to wake up early, exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, work for my clients, work on my travel blog, post articles and schedule articles, continuously update my social media accounts, spend time with my friends and family, stay updated on marketing trends, explore new cities, plan fun dates .. and oh yeah.. shower and have some self-care time before I have to sleep and wake up to do it again! Run on sentence intended.

As a blogger, I know we work HARD! We are constantly writing, posting, engaging with other bloggers, tweeting, Instagraming, and basically begging hoping people to read our work! Some days, I write more than others. Some days I lie in bed, not wanting to wake up early for work. And some days, I work for 12 hours at a time! It is so unbalanced. Do you feel this way too?? Well, here is a slap of truth for you:

In a fantastic (in my opinion) article called “Tell me what you did today and I’ll tell you who you are,” Benjamin Hardy argues that you ARE what you DO and when your behavior repeatedly acts in opposition of your goals and values, you become lost and depressed. I can see where that makes sense. If my goals are to wake up early and hike for health reasons, and I stay up until 1:30 am writing a blog(….. which is right now), then obviously I am going to be pissed at myself when I skip the hike tomorrow.

Continue reading for your SUCCESSFUL-REFRESH-ACTION-PLAN-3000!!! 🙂

  • Check what you do with 24 hours- Take the time to look REALISTICALLY at what you did today. Was any of it relevant to the person you want to become or the career you want to succeed in? I want to be a great content writer, so naturally, I need to spend a couple of hours reading and practicing my storytelling.Screenshot_2014-11-19-14-58-31-1
  • Ask yourself what your ideal day looks like– In your perfect world, what are your goals and priorities? If you had enough time for everything, what would be most important? Besides being a great content writer, I want to be healthy and spend time with my family. I need to remember to allocate time for both of those things in my ‘perfect day.’ Ahh, yoga= paradise. IMG_9389
  • How often do you live this kind of day?- In reality, I probably spend 4+ hours just surfing Facebook, Instagram, or watching friends because I need a ‘break’ from all my work. If I am honest with myself, I don’t think ‘Friends’ is going to help me become a great content writer. (Although, I could argue it inspires me ;))IMG_9783*My perfect day is exploring a new city and finding cool street art!
  • Start tracking- Start writing down what you do every day. Does this line up with your goals? If you notice yourself going out drinking/dancing every other night, but you want start your own business and never spend time working on that, you’ll know you’re off balance.IMG_9558*Never said I did it right all the time ;)!!!
  • Motivation & Regulation- Start writing down the big priorities of your day and reward yourself when you stick to those categories. If you plan to write for 2 hours, reward yourself by dancing to your favorite song or spending 5 minutes relaxing.IMG_20141119_181412
  • ACTION- Check yourself, write down your priorities, write down your ‘dream day’, start keeping track, and start sticking to your goals! You’ll start noticing how much more you get done!

Read the Fantastic Full Article—> “Tell me what you did today and i’ll tell you who you are.”

As I look around my room, clothes strewn about over my dresser, chair, and even closet doorknob, I realize I needed this reminder. When my life gets out of balance, my room starts looking SHAMBLY. ( Shambly means crazy messy in So Cal.) This advice couldn’t have come at a better time.

I hope this shook you up too. The best way to further our blogging community is to motivate and encourage each other. My goals for this blog are to explore more on the weekends, to create really engaging content, and to take unique pictures. In all transparency, I also would love to reach 500 followers this year!

What are your biggest goals? What do you need to work on? Tweet me @Spottheredhead!

Spot ya soon,



5 thoughts on “Want to be successful? Reevaluate your life goals this way

  1. What a fabulous post. I identify with your thoughts and struggles in trying to do it all.
    It’s a constant challenge. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


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