My Bucket-List for Europe! Suggestions welcomed!

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T-46 DAYS!!!!!!!!! I realized that I’ve been (excitedly) stressing about how I am going to get from place to place and I actually haven’t thought about what I want to DO there. I thought I would take some time tonight and write some things I’m excited to do/see in each place!


Ever since I saw the Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris, I have wanted to visit France. I never really had the spark before, but wow, my life totally changed. Paris looks beautiful and has such a charming air of sophistication. I’d love to photograph and ride the famous carousel in Montmartre. There is something romantic about walking the cobblestone streets, smelling the aroma of french pastries!


I am SO excited to visit London because my best friend lives less than an hour from the main city! Fortunately, she can show me around, take me up the London Eye Ferris Wheel and walk through Leadenhall Market, where they filmed part of Harry Potter! I know there are a million things to see here, but these would top my list! #harrypotternerd

United Kingdom

paddle loch enes

Kayak through Loch Ness Lake in the Scottish Highlands. Hopefully, I will run into Lil Nessie!

I’ll be taking a tour of all of UK, so I’m sure there is more to see. I could use some more suggestions for the UK!Tweet me @SpotTheRedHead


amsterdam canalcolorful st.jpg

DAM, Amsterdam sounds like a dream! 😉 I am dying to ride through the canals on a boat and find discover street art! This colorful street looks like it was built for an Instagram photo. Amsterdam is known for their amazing modern and street art, so definitely this is on the list!


Apparently, in July, Portugal hangs hundreds of umbrellas above the streets to celebrate ‘Ágitagueda’, which is an art festival. What perfect timing! I also would love to look for this viewpoint so I could marvel at the red roof structures!


running of bulls.jpg

The ultimate bucket list item: Watch the Running of the Bulls from a Balconey in Pamplona!


I can’t wait to Cheetah Girl it up in Barcelona! I want to walk through the architectural heaven of the Gothic quarter. I’d love to see the beautiful Sagrada Familia church and pose for a photo in Park Guell!


The goal for Ibiza is to be on a yacht, sun tanning in the ocean. I know I am going to be brave and visit many of the nude beaches that are famous in Ibiza, because, WHY NOT!? 🙂


Italy has long been one of my most desired places to travel. What a dream it would be to float down the canals in a gondola, speak Italian with the locals, and gaze upon the beautiful art that I have studied in my history books. I don’t think I’ll ever want to come home.


Not going to lie, Greece is going to be a BLAST! We are going to hop from island to island and I think, if I am brave enough, I might want to cliff jump! I would love to just swim in the clear, blue ocean and feel incredibly grateful for my life.


I think Switzerland could be an amazing, picturesque adventure! I really would love to zipline down the Swiss alps and walk down the main-streets of storybook-like Lucerne. Doesn’t it just take your breath away? Look how green the hills are!


Take a road trip through the Ring of Kerry, one of the world’s most beautiful roads! You’ll see rolling green hills, beautiful lakes, and have amazing spots for photos.
Of course, you can’t come to Dublin without visiting the world-famous ‘Old Jameson Distillery’ and the ‘Guinness Storehouse’ and sampling their amazing whiskey & beer! It’s all on the list!

I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful country to end the trip on- Ireland. Who knows, maybe I’ll even fall in love with a handsome redheaded man and stay there forever!

Have you been to any of these countries? Do you have any tips on other amazing things I should see?  Please let me know! Tweet me @SpotTheRedHead!

Spot you soon,

Special Note: None of these are my photos, thanks to Pinterest!


10 thoughts on “My Bucket-List for Europe! Suggestions welcomed!

  1. You’ve got enough on your list for a lifetime of travel. I’d suggest venturing outside Western Europe, Prague or Budapest are easy options (good access, lots of tourist infrastructure). Germany has a lot to offer, besides Berlin which is a world in itself. Last year I’ve been to Alsace, which is rather charming. And perhaps Belgium can be a pleasant surprise, if you manage to skip the tourist traps of Brugge and Brussels. Check out my blog for more suggestions, I’ve written a whole series of article full of suggestions:


    1. Haha thank you, I’m hitting all of these in Western Europe this summer. I’ve heard eastern Europe is amazing, I will have to make another trek out there then! Will be checking out your blog soon!


      1. Don’t listen to people that say things like “Eastern Europe is amazing”. First of all, they probably have not been further East than Prague. Secondly, there are some real shitholes in Eastern Europe, as well as in Western Europe. Finally, Eastern Europe (whatever the definition of it may be) is so big, that there is something for everyone there. For good and for bad.

        Enjoy your travel and remember it’s not about ticking off a massive amount of places you’ve visited, but about enjoying the places you go to.


  2. Your itinerary looks ace you are going to have a great time! I am currently in the process of blogging all of my recent trips on Europe which you may find useful! Dublin and Budapest to follow!!
    Enjoy your trip Bethan xx


  3. Thank you for your comment! I knowww I didn’t get a chance to get that way yet which is such a shame, but I would LOVE to visit Finland when I can soon. Thank you for the links to look into for my next visit. Have a nice day! 🙂


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