Monday Mini Spanish Lessons-Follow Me!

Hi Friends! I am excited to start some branded content today on my travel blog and twitter!

#LanguageLunes is my new hashtag for Monday Mini Spanish Language Lessons! 

I am Argentine and Spanish was my first language. I may have been born in California, but my childhood was all Argentine, all the time.My family, cousins, and I spoke in a mixture of Spanish and Argentine slang all day, every day. We listened to Spanish music and had the most amazing time traveling back and forth to Argentina to see family.

Living in Buenos Aires last year, I realized how INTERESTING Argentine Slang really is! It is SO different from regular, school-grade Spanish. It’s full of curse words and dirty phrases, all of which make no sense unless you are from Argentina and the surrounding countries! It’s always interesting when people travel to Argentina because, even if you know Spanish, the slang culture is HEAVY out there. 95% of the conversation is local phrases, songs, and bad words.

I was inspired to write a blog about Argentine Slang, or ‘Lunfardo’, when I realized I had so many great phrases, words, and sayings that I wanted to share with all of you. It made my blog WAY too long! This spurned into this great idea to do mini Spanish language lessons on Mondays that include some basic Spanish words, Argentine Slang, fun sayings, and more so we can practice together!

Knowing at least 1 other language while traveling is INCREDIBLY valuable. It gives you a greater chance to connect with others and get about easily!


Lesson #1

Lunes– Monday!

Idioma– Language

“Hablar hasta por los codos!”
Directly translated: “Talk up all the way to your elbows.” LOL?!
Meaning: “To talk a LOT!”

If you’re excited about learning a few Spanish phrases on Mondays with me, comment and let me know! If you’re Argentine too- comment so we can chat! I’m excited to share all about our culture, fun Argentine Slang, and Spanish phrases that are useful for other travelers!

Make sure you follow me on Twitter @SPOTTHEREDHEAD and here on WordPress to catch these fun lessons every MONDAY!

Spot you soon!



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