Have you found your Travel Tribe?

There are friends, there are best friends, and then there are your travel soul mates.

It feels good to be surrounded with people who understand you and the excitement of the unknown adventures that lie ahead. You know when you look at someone and think, “Wow, you get it“? They get that feeling of endless possibilities on a 4am flight. That feeling of walking onto the glass platform of the grand canyon, heart floating to your chest, and feeling so small in this vast universe. travel quot

Travel soul mates GET YOU. They’re the ones who share your wildest dreams. They’re ones who send you hundreds of pins of #bucketlist places, “Lets look at glowworm caves in New Zealand and kayak in the Loch Ness Lake!” They’re the ones you spend sleepless nights with, stressing, researching, and booking the adventures you’d never thought you’d take.

There is a difference with people who talk the talk and those who walk the walk.

I’m lucky to have a couple of travel soul mates in my life who are DOWN. I mean ALWAYS down for a new adventure.

People who love travel usually:

  • Have an unusual or at-home kind of jobs and skills
  • Set aside money specifically FOR travel
  • Usually have been to more places than they can count on their hand
  • Talk about their adventures any time they can
  • Are willing to part ways with money in order to make memories, at the drop of a hat

I grew up with people just like that. My family stressed the importance of traveling, educating yourself, and always striving to reach higher. Together, we’ve been all over the US, South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands on whirlwinds of adventure. Once I was older, I took my first solo trip to Australia when I was 13, to do some conservation work and to learn about aboriginal culture. I met a TON of friends there, many of whom I keep in touch with. After joining a sorority in college, I met a few sisters who shared my deep love of travel and now we are planning a giant backpacking trip for the summer.

I adore my #TRAVELTRIBE and would love to expand my circle of travel friends.

They say your vibe attracts your tribe! Put out positive, open, curious, adventurous vibes and watch the universe attract you some amazing friends!

6 steps to meeting your Travel Tribe:

  • Ask future partners about their interests in travel, if it’s a priority for you
    • If you’re looking to date or marry someone and would love to travel the world with them, you might want to find out if they even want to travel! I dated someone who never had interest to leave the country– NEXT!
  • Talk to your friends now, and see where travel is on their priority list 
    • Decipher which friends would rather spend their money at clubs and new restaurants or those who are itching to travel but haven’t been able to swing it yet. You might have a future travel friend in your midst!
  • Find friends who like to travel the WAY that you do
    • If you like to get down and dirty when you travel, think hostels, getting lost with no maps, and mixing with locals, and your friend would prefer posh hotels and spa retreats, you may not mesh! Sure you can travel together once in a while, but look for others who travel like you do.
  • Meet travelers on the road who have similar jobs & lifestyles to you
    • I am a freelance copywriter, and have the luxury to work anywhere in the world. If I meet other writers, it gives me a great bonding experience, network connections, and a new friend to work with abroad!
  • Reach out to fellow travel bloggers and people you follow on social media
    • Tweet your fave travel bloggers and see if any will be in your area! Maybe you can grab coffee, pick their brain, and make a new friend!
  • Say Yes!
    • Making new friends is also about BEING a good friend. If someone asks you to grab coffee or travel with them to Thailand for a week, say yes! Get outside of your comfort zone.


Traveling with friends often leads to crazy adventure stories, lifelong bonds, and pushes you to try things you may not have thought about for yourself. Traveling alone is absolutely worthwhile, but connecting with others who share your passions is what makes life a little sweeter.

Get out there and find your tribe!

Spot you soon,

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