Travel to Argentina: Slang Phrases #languagelunes

Travelers: Learn Spanish Language with #LanguageLunes 

Travelers, don’t be surprised if your Spanish only gets you so far in Argentina! Of course you can communicate with the locals, but they might say some phrases that will make you scratch your head!


Here’s a few that my Argentine Grandma says OFTEN:

  • “Me pica el bagre”
    • Translated: A catfish swimming in my stomach is pinching me!
      • Meaning: I’m hungry. Also similar: “Tengo Hambre”
  • “Arroz con leche, me quiero casar”
    • Translated: Rice pudding, I want to get married
      • Meaning: It’s part of a Spanish kids song. The beginning usually gets stuck in our heads, so we sing it often! Read below for the whole song
  • “Que se yo?!”
    • Translated: What do I know? How should I know?
      • Meaning:  A classic Argentine expression, kind of saying “Oh gosh, I have no idea” or “Who knows.”
  • “Buscarle la quinta pata al gato”-
    • Translated: To look for a cat’s fifth leg!
      • Meaning: Worrying or making trouble where it doesn’t exist.

The whole kids song, for fun:

“Arroz con leche
Me quiero casar
Con una señorita
que sepa bailar.

Que sepa coser
Que sepa planchar
Que sepa abrir la puerta
Para ir a jugar.”

Quickly Translated:

Rice pudding
I want to get married
With a girl
who knows how to dance.

Who knows how to sew
Who knows how to iron
Who knows how to open the door
To go out and play!

That’s all for today’s mini Spanish Lesson! Hopefully these phrases help when you travel to Argentina and stay with the locals! Even if you’re not traveling there anytime soon, it’s fun to learn a new thing each day!

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