3 Quick Spanish Phrases for Travelers #Languagelunes


Today is a quick Spanish language lesson for #LanguageLunes:

  • Where is the train station?-¿dónde está la estación de tren?
    • Dohn-day/ Es-tah/ Lah/ Es-tah-see-own/ deh /Trehn
  • May I pay the check, please?– Por favor, Puedo pagar la cuenta?
    • Poor/Fah-vor/ poo-eh-do/ pah-gar/ lah/ coo-en-tah
  • How do you say ___ in Spanish?– Como se dice ___ en espanol?
    • coh-moe/ say/ dee-say/ ____ /ehn/ es-pan-yol

These are quick phrases that will help out travelers in Spanish-speaking countries! Hope you enjoyed this quick lesson.

Spot you soon,




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