Eurolines disaster- Paris to London


If you’re thinking of taking a Euro lines bus, I suggest you read this first.

I was not very sad to leave Paris. As I may have mentioned, Paris wasn’t my favorite cup of tea. It was nice, but I’m ready for the UK!

I was sad to leave our little apartment in the suburbs of Paris though! We said goodbye to Martine, our host, pictured here with her puppy “Goodnight”. With her accent, she calls him “Goodee.”


So. We hopped on a EURO LINES bus in sketch-town, Paris. I’m not sure if Euro Lines is usually this bad, but I would never recommend them. Ever.

What was supposed to be about a 4-6 hr bus became a 12+ hour disaster.


Here’s a view from inside the chunnel!

Things that went wrong:

-The WiFi didn’t work when it was supposed to. Okay, not the biggest problem in the world .
-Accidents and fuel spills that caused a giant traffic backup.
-I got searched at the border because I was carrying some allergy pills and vitamins without their containers. Whoops.
-The border was closed for 3 hrs and we had to wait in the bus.
-Our bags got searched twice and our passports checked twice as well. We had to exit with ALL of our stuff, and then again, 30 minutes later. What??

-Our bus was so delayed, that the train station was closed at 1:30am, when we arrived. We needed to take a train to Greenwich, to stay in our hostel!

-No WiFi in the station, so we couldn’t call an uber.

-We had to pay 55 pounds for a taxi.Β  It was the highlight of the day though. Our driver, Tony, felt so bad for us that he gave us a mini guided tour of London, on the way to our hostel. πŸŒ‰

-Last but not least, our hostel was closed when we got there, around 3am. We did email them earlier, but I guess they didn’t stay open for us. πŸ˜‘

-We had to bang on the gate to get let in. They weren’t very happy with us. πŸ˜‚

Finally, we made it to a bed, for a quick 3 hour nap! We hopped on a coach at 6:30 am the next day to tour the UK! I’m surprised we didn’t cry from frustration or exhaustion. We were supposed to arrive at 9pm, not 3am.Β  Whewwww.

Stay tuned for my blog about Scotland. All I can say is, Scotland stole my heart.

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One thought on “Eurolines disaster- Paris to London

  1. UGH!!!! What a horrible disaster but I love the ending of your post. Made me smile. As long as Scottland steals your heart and not some guy who makes you want to move there….all is beautiful. I love you forever ❀️


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