How To Get Creative With All Those Travel Trinkets


There’s nothing better than coming home from a great trip with a bunch of cool souvenirs! But, once the dust settles from your trip, you might wonder what to do with all those postcards and photos.

Let’s get a little creative and display them right where you’ll see them every day!


I just took a major backpacking trip through Europe and collected these little beauties in the countries I visited. I try to collect souvenirs in themes, so I can make cohesive artwork when I get back home. This time I collected postcards and magnets!

If you have a ton of postcards or photos from your travels like I do, try displaying them like this!


Things you’ll need for this collage:

Nails or pushpins
Rope, twine, or wire
Postcards and photos

  1. I inserted two nails in my wall, parallel, but pretty far apart.
  2. I tied some wire to each nail so it was semi-taut.
  3. I clothes-pinned the photos in chronological order (but you can do it however you like!)
  4. I repeated the process until I ran out of postcards or wall space.
  5. Showed it off to all my family, friends, and social media!

Cool tip: You can do this for any photos you have lying around, it doesn’t have to be just travel postcards!

I hope this inspired you to get a little creative with the photos you have lying around. Tweet me pics of what you’ve done with your travel souvenirs, I’d love to retweet! @Spottheredhead

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3 thoughts on “How To Get Creative With All Those Travel Trinkets

  1. Your cards are so much cuter than mine. Haha. I have all my postcards hanging with twine. One day I searched what to do with all my postcards and well of course theirs does look cuter than mine, but I still like mine. Most of my post cards are from my penpals though. I normally collect patches when I travel.


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