Come learn a phrase or two of Spanish! #LanguageLunes

It’s so useful to know a second language when you are traveling abroad. Even if your language skills aren’t perfect, knowing a few helpful phrases will help make that transition easier for you and your travel-mates.

Today’s mini Spanish lesson is all about transportation!

  • Guide: English Version- Spanish Version
    • How to pronounce it out loud
  • “How do I get to…”– Como puedo llegar a…
    • Koh-moh/pooh-eh-doh/yeh-gar/ ah…
  • Train Station– Estación de tren
    • Es-tah-see-yon/ deh/ trehn
  • “Can you help me find…”- Puedes ayudarme a encontrar…
    • Pooh-weh-dez/ ah-yoo-dar-meh/ ah/ en-kohn-t-rawr…(really roll those rrrs)

Let me know how you liked today’s lesson. If there are any phrases you want to learn, comment me and I’ll make sure to make to include them next time.

Spot you soon,


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