The Annual Halloween Travel Trip


Friendships are not what they used to be in high school. It used to be that you could gossip with your friends all class long (no? just me?) and then spend all lunch hour with them too. Weekends came and went; full of sleepovers, camping trips, and after-school practice. Friendships were easily cultivated and remained close without much effort.


As the years go by, different stages of life steal our time away. Friends get married right away, some start popping out children, friends move away, or even spend time exploring other countries, which depletes any spare time for friendship.

Now, friendship has to be more intentional, rather than born of convenience.


At 25, I am deep in the stage of wanting to remain close friends and also realizing that we all have lives and dreams we want to achieve!

The best way to combat this problem, I’ve found, is with a friendship tradition.

My friends and I are all adventurous and love to travel, so we plan an annual Halloween trip together to help deepen our bonds and to let loose. Lately, we have had a steady group of 5 hitting San Francisco in themed Halloween costumes.


Our Fabulous Disney Villain Year


Oh, beautiful San Fran…

If you’re in this similar stage of life, I urge you to try this! It’s not that hard for everyone to pick a weekend, way ahead of time, where you can all come together to do something you love. Go wine tasting in Napa. Take a SUP lesson in Malibu. Travel to Colorado and get some altitude!

The only time we have promised is NOW.

Now if that little story/lesson/pictures/or speech didn’t pump you up, here are more reasons to travel with friends.

Reasons to Travel with Friends:

  • Cheaper room rates & shared gas money= more money for food and booze
  • Bonding time away from work, school, family, and maybe even significant others
  • You know them better than a random hostel-mate, so sleeping arrangements are no sweat
  • You’ll create shared life experiences that you all can talk about for the rest of your lives
  • Road trip sing-alongs -duh
  • You all probably like similar vacation styles, and if not, at least you’ll be kind when you suggest a compromise

What are you waiting for?

Get your group chat going, spin a globe, and see where you’ll start your annual trip! I promise you won’t regret it.

Spot you soon,


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6 thoughts on “The Annual Halloween Travel Trip

  1. That was so well written and reminded me of my younger years and all the great weekend getaways. You are spot on!! Thanks Red!!


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