Flying By San Fran On Our Broomsticks!

Sometimes the best adventures are the MISADVENTURES. Our trip to San Francisco started out with a 3 hour plane delay, really rainy weather upon arrival, getting lost on the air train on the way to the rental car area, and getting soaked trying to find our rooms for the night. It doesn’t get any better than that!!  Read on to see how we persevered and made it a fun weekend!


Trick or treating up the California Coast- catch me flying by on my broomstick!

As per our annual Halloween tradition, a big group of my friends and I flew to San Francisco to party it up on Castro Street. If you haven’t been, The Castro District was one of the first openly gay neighborhoods in the U.S. It’s a symbol of LGBTQ+ Pride and they throw the BEST parties!


I got my two carry on items and I was ready to go!! United Airlines, does this work? I promise I’ll share!

Our itinerary this weekend included: Finding a pumpkin patch, having a kickback at my best friends house, exploring San Fran during the day, doing a Pub Crawl on Saturday night in costume, and exploring Muir Woods on Sunday.

Of course, as life goes, we didn’t get to most of that! We did have a fantastic weekend, regardless of plans. Here’s a peek into the crazy:

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch


The pumpkin patch we originally planned to visit was closed because of the rain. The grounds were squelchy with mud, the rain coated our lashes, and the fog made for absolutely great photography lighting. We pulled over on the side of the road because, LOOK at this beautiful green patch! Group photo op.20161028_161653.jpg

We were on the hunt for this magical bus that we heard about, and when we found it, we found an open pumpkin patch! Score! We had to drive farther than planned, but look at the stillness of this pond! It was a beautiful find. ❤


It’s so beautiful to just spend a quiet morning among the green fields of Petaluma. Wine country is something else. If you get a chance, make sure you take a California road trip up the coast. Drive through Petaluma, Sonoma, and Napa because you won’t regret it.

Fun Tip: Stop at a winery for a taste every so often!

Crazy Friday Night Party


Our first night together was supposed to be a fun, semi-tame, Halloween kickback. The night ended up quite like this picture, blurry, dark, full of friends, and random alcohol in our hands.

San Francisco Bridge


We woke up *late* after Friday nights kickback and drove to Downtown San Francisco. We may have missed out on exploring the city during the day, but we didn’t miss this kickass stop. No trip would be complete without pulling over at the lookout to take some great photos of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Fun Fact: San Franciscans nicknamed the fog: KARL!


If you wanna fly, you gotta let go of the shit that weighs you down

Castro Night 


We fell asleep in the hotel because we were all…. not feeling well… after that Friday night kickback. Waking up in a rush and missing the pub crawl, we threw our Halloween Costumes on and rushed out to Castro Street! There were people walking around in AMAZING costumes, the music was bumping, and everyone was so friendly. It was a fun night, regardless of us missing the PUB CRAWL!

Can you guess what we were? Here’s a hint: BETTE MIDDLER liked our photo on INSTAGRAM!!!!

Muir Woods

My best friend and I didn’t sleep all of Saturday night, after Castro street, because we had an amazing talk. We pushed through the day and walked through the rainy, gloomy Muir Woods anyways. It was cold enough to keep us awake and we actually managed to trek up the mountain for two miles. Nothing beats singing and hiking in the woods with your friends by your side.

Photo Credit to my bestie Maria Shayna Photo on these beautiful woods shots

What a weekend it was!

Sometimes the best parts of life happen when you deviate from the plan. When life, god, etc re-routes you onto a different path, let go of all your expectations, embrace that shift, and fly! Our trip was full of shifts and changes, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Have you ever had a trip like this? Did it totally change all your plans but you had a blast anyways? I’d love to hear about those! Comment me below.

Spot you soon,


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Stories coming soon include: Seattle, Venice, and Rome


3 thoughts on “Flying By San Fran On Our Broomsticks!

  1. You made me fall in love with your weekend. I was so captivated. Have you ever considered writing a novel? I have ideas for you ❤️ Tia.


      1. I will see you soon for Phoenix’s birthday. We shall talk. Until then….. know that I love you forever 🙏🏻


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