How To Backup All Your Instagrams- In Seconds!


Hello Loves!

Do you ever notice that after using Instagram for a couple of years, you look back at what you’ve been posting and think, “Wow, what was I thinking?!”

I love Instagram and I post tons of photos from my travels, but I have been wanting to have a ‘spring cleaning.’ I have been deleting older photos, you know the ones with misused hashtags, embarrassing party photos, or quotes that aren’t relevant anymore. I thought it would be smart to save my Instagrams on my computer before I started the clean-up.


Kind of like this old flashback with my puppy, Otterpop!
Super cute, but not relevant to my travel Instagram anymore.

I found this amazing new website called Instaport, which lets you download all your photos from Instagram at once. This is not an ad, I just happened to really like the easy use of it! Here is the link to start downloading yours today:

All you have to do is sign into Instagram, click download, and then you get a folder full of your photos!

Let me know how you like using it! Do you have any cool apps that would make my life easier? Let me know in the comments section.

Now you can get back to taking selfies, uploading those vacation photos, and maybe checking out my Instagram 😉 Happy Instagramming!

Spot You Soon,


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