I think this world needs a little more positivity right now, and what better way to do that than spreading some self-love around?!

Challenge accepted! Upload 4-5 pictures of you–ONLY YOU, then tag more gorgeous people to do the same. Build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down. Share your beauty!! I tagged you all because I think you are.❤️💋❤

These are my 5 photos! 

This photo is in beautiful Holland! Click to see more pictures of this fairytale place. 

This photo is from my bus trip around Scotland and the UK. Read my review of the trip and see crazy cool photos! 

This photo is from my adventures in Portugal, click to see more

I feel most beautiful when I’m laughing and being silly. Especially when I’m traveling and just having a great time. 

Your Turn!

When do you feel most beautiful? Create a blog post and show the world how beautiful you are too. ❤

Spot you soon,


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