How To Be Thankful- In Spanish! #LanguageLunes


Hi Travelers,

It’s Monday and since it is almost Thanksgiving, I thought I’d do a special Thanksgiving themed Spanish Lesson!  These are phrases that would be super helpful around the Thanksgiving table or in every day conversations.

Language Lunes

  • Muchisimas Gracias- Thank you very much
    (Moo-chee-see-mass  Grah-see-yas)
  • Estoy tan agredecido por- I am thankful for
    (Es-toy tahn ag-rah-de-see-doh por)
  • Es bueno verte de nuevo-It’s great to see you again
    (Es boo-when-oh ver-teh de noo-wheh-voh)
  • Esta comida es tan deliciosa-This food is delicious
    (Es-tah Koh-mee-dah es tan dee-lee-see-oh-sah)

I am so thankful to my readers, you all have made this blogging experience such a joy. Happy Thanksgiving!

Spot You Soon,


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