Why You Should Have Started Your Blog Yesterday


Why You Should Have Started Your Blog Yesterday!

It seems like everyone is starting their own business or blog, aren’t they? All my friends are, and I’ve had my blog for a little over a year now! If you’re the kind of person that has big plans to start your makeup blog or your cooking YouTube channel, but hasn’t actually started yet, read on!

It’s time to start achieving your dreams!

It Only Takes A Few Minutes To Get Started

Any time I mention that I have a travel blog, people always tell me, “Oh, I wish I could do that!” The first reason most don’t is that they think it takes so much time! Starting a blog is as easy as signing up a new email and then creating a free blogging account on a site like wordpress.com or .org. The rest comes later, but the blog and the writing can begin now!

You Need To Nab Your Name Now

If you keep waiting to start your blog or business, there’s a greater chance of your dream name being taken! If you have a name ready to go, make sure you nab your .com name as well as all of your social media handles!

Start Writing About The Experiences You Are Having Now

If you’re planning to be a food blogger and you continuously visit amazing restaurants without documenting it, you are losing out on amazing stories! Make sure you take your pictures, write your notes, and start blogging already. You’ll have so much more content if you start now.

Start Building Your Followers

It actually takes a while to build your followers list, so getting started early is always a good idea. Start writing a few good pieces of content, start building your email list, and watch your followers start growing. Start engaging with your followers on their blogs and your blog will take off in no time.

You Can Start Designing Your Website

The quicker you start your blog, the quicker you can start designing your dream website and logo! Start sketching your ideas now, start thinking of your color scheme, and think about what image you want your blog to give off. This is the fun part!

The Internet Is Looking For Content Like Yours!

The #1 thing I tell people, as a daytime social media manager, is that the internet is always hungry for more content! Every viral story ends at some point, and the internet is looking for the next blog post or video it can churn out to it’s readers. This is why you need to start your blog. There will always be an audience for your story and your voice, you just have to write! No one has the voice and the perspective you do, so what are you waiting for?!

Your Turn! What kind of blog were you thinking of starting? What is keeping you from writing one?

Spot You Soon,



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