Ps. I Fell In Love In Ireland


There wasn’t a country that I visited that made me daydream more than Ireland has. Before I left for backpacking Europe, I dreamt about Ireland. During my week-long roadtrip from Dublin to Belfast, Derry, Galway, Wicklow and back, I dreamt of staying in Ireland. I dreamt of missing my plane ticket back to London Heathrow, falling in love with an Irishman, having beautiful ginger-haired babies, and living happily ever after.

I’ve been home in California for months now and I can’t seem to stop dreaming of Ireland. I fell in love with Ireland.

In honor of March, St. Patricks day, and Irish-American Heritage month, I wanted to share a few of the amazing things I experienced in Ireland.

Walking Through Wicklow Mountains National Park


YES. I am that girl who is madly in love with the movie PS. I LOVE YOU. Gerard Butler, the Irish accent, and a timeless love story? Who could resist! I knew that I wanted to visit the Wicklow Mountains National Park, where the two lovers meet in the movie, I just didn’t know how I was going to get there.

Early in the morning, I decided to walk myself down to the center of Dublin and catch a 30 minute bus ride to County Wicklow. Well, I happened to catch the PS. I Love You tour bus and it took us to a few of the amazing spots where the movie was filmed, like this one!

You guys, if you’re going to Ireland, promise me that you’ll take half a day and drive (or hike!) these amazing mountains? The views are stunning. This is the Ireland that I was waiting all of my life for.


Lovers Bridge!

Listening to live Irish music on Temple St.- SWOON!


Irish music is beautiful, lively, and so much fun to dance to! If you’ve never heard the song GALWAY GIRL, I suggest that you memorize it before heading to Temple St. Every single musician and band plays that song because it is just a classic tune. Make sure you drink a pint in Temple Bar, one of the oldest and most famous bars in Ireland, and then bar hop down the rest of the street. It’d be GRAND!



Learning About The Matchmaking Festival in Lisdoonvarna


I loved learning that there is a match-making festival every year in Ireland! Single men and women come together once a year to find love in the small, charming little town of Lisdoonvarna. There’s a legend (and bar!) called Willie Daly Matchmakers in Ennistymon that is the place to meet your soulmate. You answer a few questions and then Willie himself matches you up!  I wasn’t there for the festival, but it looks so fun that I’d definitely fly out just to attend! Would you?

Kissing The Blarney Stone


At the top of Blarney Castle, after a few winding stone staircases, lies the Blarney Stone! Legend has it that whoever kisses the stone receives the Gift Of The Gab! In other words, the Irish Charm! It was actually quite difficult to kiss this stone! You lay backwards, half of your body leaning off the top of the castle roof, and grab the metal poles that keep you from plummeting to your death. No big deal! I tried the first time, missed the stone but felt convicted to kiss it again. I didn’t want to miss out on the gift of the gab! It’s a must-do!

Seeing The Amazing Cliffs Of Moher


No trip to Ireland is complete without visiting the Cliffs of Moher. These impressive cliffs fall straight down into the sea and have been the muses of many Hollywood movies. You can hike all the way around the top and peer over the side. The views are breathtaking and the photography is just gorgeous! I could stand on the walkway besides the cliffs for a long while and just be. You’ll feel the weight of the moment when you’re up there. Seeing these for the first time is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of memory.

Witnessing This Amazing Vista


This was actually one of my favorite parts of Ireland! They call this Guinness lake! Not only because it is owned by family Guinness themselves, but because the black water and tan sand actually resemble a pint of Guinness! Do you know what color a Guinness actually is? Click here for the answer! It’ll shock you!

Drinking A Guinness At The Rooftop Bar



Visiting the Guinness Storehouse and Brewery is one of the most fun things you can do in Dublin! We walked through the factory to see the process of making stouts and at the very top of the, I believe it is 7th floor, lies the rooftop bar. The bar is the best view of Dublin, by far! It is a 360 degree glass room where you can enjoy your brew whilst looking out onto the city. Spend half a day here, you won’t regret it. Guinness is my new favorite beer now! (No, this is not an ad haha.)

Those were just a few moments on my week-long roadtrip through Ireland that made the experience feel like a dream. What are you dying to see most from Ireland? When are you visiting next? Let me know in the comments below!

Spot You Soon,


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