Keys Creek Lavender Farm: A relaxing respite from the world

keys creek lavender farm san diego things to do

Keys Creek Lavender Farm:
A relaxing respite from the world

Nestled in the heart of the San Diego Mountains, about 15 minutes off the 15 freeway, lies Keys Creek Lavender Farm. This quiet, aroma-filled farm boasts 8 acres of lavender fields that you can stroll through on a leisurely day. I spent the most amazing day walking through the fields to write about the things you absolutely must do when you visit! Enjoy!

Keys Creek Lavender Farm: A relaxing respite from the world

So, I have been working non-stop at my new, full-time job in media and I needed a break. An old friend once told me about a magical little farm hidden in the hills of San Diego and I knew that I needed to find it. I asked my adventurous family to tag along and we set off, very early, towards Temecula and San Diego. Starbucks in hand, we were ready for an adventure!

We drove along the Southern California 15 freeway and blasted tunes to sing along to. What is a road-trip without a playlist?

Tell me your favorite type of music for road-trips in the comments below!

Once we got off the 15 freeway, we noticed that the drive into the farm was just BEAUTIFUL! The road was winding and the views were stunning. I wanted to pull over every chance I could to take photos! We were never going to get there!

Pulling up to the farm, you could smell the lavender deeply. Ask Josh, the friendly guy at the gift shop counter, for the best way to walk to see everything on the farm and then get to strolling!

You’ll see beautiful sights like…

And this…

and this


and this…

Keys Creek Lavender Farm: A relaxing respite from the world


Keys Creek Lavender Farm: A relaxing respite from the world

What a creative statue!


Things to Do at Keys Creek Lavender Farm

Take a tour on the weekends and smell the different types of lavender

It’s such an experience learning about the different types of lavender. Did you know there were so many varieties? If you love learning about flowers/herbs/gardening, this is the place for you.


Sip the delicious Lavender Lemonade

lavender twine

I’ve heard lavender lemonade has many healing properties, including helping to relieve tension and anxiety, improving blood circulation, and helping with breathing problems! The best part about it? It was so delicious!

Walking through the crystal meditation path


“I felt my mind clear from all of my running thoughts. It was nice being so far away from my troubles, even for just a little while.” -My mom stated after walking through the crystal labyrinth.

Relax beneath the trees


Ahh.. enough said.

Take a photo opp here:


or here!


Try the lavender scones!


OMG. Yummy.

Stop by the gift shop on your way out


Purchase lavender oils, candles, and lavender scone/ pancake mix to bake at home to enjoy until you can visit again!

Reasons to Visit a Lavender Field

  • You’re stressed and need time to yourself
  • You want a cute, outdoorsy date
  • You’d love to spend time with your family
  • Any other reason that you have a free Saturday or Sunday!

Find out more about the Keys Creek Lavender Farm:

After this, we took a scenic drive into Fallbrook to have lunch and make a day of this adventure. We found the most AMAZING gelato shop! More story to come on the next blog….

Have you ever been to a Lavender Farm? Which one has been your favorite so far? I’d love more recommendations!

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