Moving to Scotland: 6 months in review

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Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018!

This past year has been an absolute whirlwind. I haven’t written for SpotTheRedhead in so long because I have been living an adventure here in Edinburgh, Scotland!

I came home from my Europe backpacking trek feeling fully independent and different from my former self.

So, when I had to settle into my childhood bedroom and into a routine for my new social media job, I felt heavy tension. It felt like I was taking two steps back from all of the progress I had made the previous few months.

Out of all 13 countries that I visited, I knew that loved Scotland with all of my heart. I was determined to make it my home.


I had always toyed around with the idea of getting my master’s degree, and it felt like fate that I found an amazing MSc Creative Advertising course in Edinburgh.

Within three months I applied to 3 schools in the UK, packed up my room, said goodbye to my friends and family, and put in my notice that I was quitting the job that made me stressed and sad.


Hello Edinburgh! The moment I stepped off the train with all of my luggage in hand.

It has been such a learning curve these last 6 months trying to adjust to a new life, but I feel like I am getting the hang of it. I had to learn a new city and bus system, a new UK phone number, had to listen harder to understand everyone’s lovely accents, and more.


I experienced snow for the first time here in the UK and I’m happy that I spent my first snow day with my best friend in Oxford.

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My master’s program has been hard work but it was the best decision I have ever made. I refunded my fully paid admission to Falmouth University in England and skipped town to become a Napier Student instead. I haven’t regretted it a single day.


My lecturers give such quality help and we work on live briefs from real agencies in Edinburgh. I’ve worked on ads for Famous Grouse Whisky, Uber, Adidas, Scottish Arts-in-Health agencies, Baxter’s Soup, Giff Gaff phone service, Museum on the Mound, and so much more. I’ve even won class competitions for my work.


My classmates are a rag-tag bunch of amazing creatives and I am so lucky to have crossed their paths. There are illustrators, art directors, other copywriters, social media managers, PR people, and sociologists all with a similar desire to make positive changes in society through advertising.



As for the men, which I know my best friends are reading on here to hear sweet sweet details, I will just say that I have met many a handsome scot, but none have swept me off my feet yet! There are some cultural differences, but I’ve had tons of fun dating!


I can’t believe that I have been here for about 6 months and I have 11 months left. Life is flying by so fast and am so grateful to have made a wee home here.



The rest of this year is full of uncertainty and hard work, and I hope it passes slowly. I am having the time of my life working on real advertising briefs and entering major ad competitions.


In the next three months, I will be entering 6 or 7 major competitions, starting a couple of internships, looking for a new apartment, starting a major job here, and possibly moving to London or back to NY!

I’m on a fast-moving train now, so let’s see what happens!

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Have you ever moved across the world to pursue your dreams? What was your experience like? Do you have any sage advice for me? Let me know in the comments!

Spot You Soon,


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