Catching Up: Moving to London



The millennium bridge (spot this bridge in Harry Potter!)

Moving down to the ‘Big Smoke’ (London)

Hi everyone,

Life has been a whirlwind adventure and I haven’t been able to sit down to write like I’ve wanted to. Boy do I have a lot of stories to tell and pictures to show!

This one might be a long one, but I promise I’ll keep it interesting.

Recap: I moved to Scotland to do my MSc in Creative Advertising and I just turned in my final dissertation with one of the highest grades in my course. YES! A bittersweet moment because I absolutely loved my course and I can’t imagine not being with my classmates and professors all together again. But I feel so proud to say that I graduated with top grades, I made lifelong friends, and I gained more than sufficient knowledge to help me start my career in advertising. Best decision I’ve ever made and I am beyond grateful.

How could I move from beautiful Edinburgh? (Cue the tears as I write this)

If you know me, you know that I am absolutely in LOVE with Edinburgh. The romantic rain, the old blackened buildings, and the rolling green hills that makes your heart feel completely at peace…20180803_211137.jpg

Bonnie Scotland. My adopted home. I’m coming back for you.

Edinburgh has MAGIC in the air.


Looking up ‘Diagon Alley’ in Edinburgh

I could just settle into a cute cottage, make some babies, and work from home in Edinburgh for the rest of my life if I could. But, life has other plans for me right now.

I finished my degree, won a big award, and received 17 internship offers at major agencies in Scotland and London, mostly London, so it was time to move my career forward. I’ve accepted some internships at major advertising agencies like Ogilvy UK, McCann, MullenLowe, FCB Inferno, the Leith Agency, and Skyscanner. So far, I’ve done Leith, Ogilvy, and MullenLowe and they all were such unique and wonderful experiences so far.

Moving everything down from Scotland was NOT easy. I came to Scotland from Los Angeles with 2 bags and a backpack, and somehow accumulated a mountain of things (mostly course books!) I travelled to London to check out one apartment in Notting Hill and decided to sign a contract right then and there. It took me 3-4 trips back to Scotland with empty suitcases to bring everything down!

Imagine me sweating profusely as I try to lift HEAVY suitcases by myself on and off the train each way, trying not to knock anyone over or miss my stop.

I didn’t mind though, it was so so hard to say goodbye to my beautiful home in Edinburgh, so this was my chance to ease my way into moving. I left my home, my beautiful friends, and my handsome boyfriend behind in Scotland and off to London I went.


Living in Notting Hill feels like a horror movie

Kidding. I absolutely fell in love with my neighbourhood.

HOWEVER, my flat is absolutely terrible.


The colourful houses that make up my neighbourhood in Notting Hill.


I live over a canal and there’s just the cutest little pub called the Union Tavern with a lakeside terrace for drinks. Yes, the river is usually green!


My ‘adorable’ little flat

 I could write an entire blog on how I live in the worst flat in the most beautiful area. Short story: I haven’t had a working toilet in 3 months (we pee at Costa Coffee or flush with a bucket) the shower makes high pitched demon noises, and the fridge opens at night to spoil our food (I tape it shut.) Wow. How sad it was to write all of that down haha. I’M FINE MOM! I promise!

Working in London

What’s that quote… If you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life?


The London skyline from the Ogilvy rooftop terrace

Well to be fair, I was tired of London the first day. I felt like I was cheating on Scotland. I actually physically hated living here for the first two months. I cried to anyone that would listen (sorry boyfriend.) But I can proudly say that I am enjoying living here now. If you’ve just moved, give it a chance. A job that you love going to can make all the difference in how you feel, and I’ve found a place that I can be myself. I finally feel lucky to be living in one of the most diverse cities in the world with so much inspiration just outside my door. It took me some time, but I got there!


Inspirational wisdom from the streets


I hosted a podcast recently about working in advertising.
I’ll post a link when it’s live!

Working here is VASTLY different from being a tourist here. I honestly work from 9 am to about 10 or 11pm. I barely sleep, I eat like shit because I have no time to cook, I work like a dog, and I sleep on the tube holding all of my things tightly (sorry mom, it’s true.)

I run around the city like a headless chicken.

It’s all so exciting! I’ve never lived in a city this big and I’m learning so much about myself, what I can handle, and what big city livin’ is like!

What’s the underground tube like?


The tube is an adventure all on its own. I have learned so much about London while riding the tube back and forth to work every day (like London fashion and proper tube etiquette.) I even have a blog post planned that is all about the hidden secrets and eccentricities of the underground that only an outsider would understand. It’s such a fascinating ride! Keep an eye out for my next post.

Your turn!

Tell me, what have you been up to?
What would you like to see or learn about London?

I hope this is the beginning of many more travel posts to come. It IS REALLY on my to-do list to make this a priority again because it’s my passion project. I love writing about travel. Follow me on instagram to see more up to date photos of my adventures in the U.K.


Spot you soon!


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  1. Beautifully written…I enjoyed every word. And, btw, thanks for letting your poor mom find things out through your post…lol


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