Step into the instagrammable world of Sketch London


Sketch London is one of London’s most instagrammable restaurants and is the perfect backdrop for any romantic date (mine was with my creative partner!)

Sketch is one of those restaurants on every Londoner’s must-visit list, even just once for the experience! I’ve been wanting to go for about 6 months and finally I had the perfect excuse.


Elise and I have been creative partners for a year now (WOW!!) and major things have just happened in our working careers that deserve a celebration.Time to pull out all the stops! It seems that we have had many successes recently, recently but for many reasons, whether it be that we’re too busy (or too broke!) we haven’t been able to celebrate everything properly. Here was our chance!

WHAT TO WEAR: cool, artsy clothes.
(They have a dress code.)

I got all gussied up in a dark green dress and boots and took the tube the restaurant. I was off sick from work that day, but I couldn’t cancel on my work wife. We had a LOT to celebrate.

THE GALLERY at Sketch London is cotton candy daydream. Sit inside and soak up all the good (and pink!) vibes.


When you arrive you’re asked for your coat.
I arrived first and put my coat in the sassiest, most futuristic looking coat room I’ve ever seen. Take me up the spaceship to your leader!


We ate in the gallery, sitting in lush pink seashell chairs amongst the quirky art of David Shrigley. He made 91 new pieces of colourful art for this room!


I was shown to my seat by a girl with big Minnie mouse ears (or so I thought) and ordered myself a glass of rosé to match the pink decor. I mean, you MUST be extra when you’re in a place this extra! Elise arrived and we chatted for ages. Even the waiter was urging us to choose our dishes but we had so much to talk about.

Good to know: Sketch reservations have a time limit! I think ours was 2 hours.


Elise ended up with a really delicious fruit drink and we reminisced about our crazy year over a basket of bread. Because… BREAD, amirightt???

There is an element of whimsy and fun at every turn: this is just the menu!


We ordered and out came the food in adorable and funny David Shrigley pieces of tableware.

The food was unreal and SO SO good. We recommend the sea bass in wilted spinach and the carrot and lentil flan, but to be honest, everything looked good.



Macaron recommendations: Raspberry, Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Orange, and I think Green tea! The perfect end to such a wonderfully weird experience.


Holy cow is this bathroom extra. You could spend a good 30 minutes in here dancing to music and taking pictures with all of the EGG PODS! You’ll probably be asked to take someone’s selfie in here as well. Each egg pod is a totally functioning bathroom and at first, a bit daunting because I thought the eggs were going to roll over. Nope! Just a fun experience haha! Be sure to visit it before you leave! 



Quick Summary:

  • Sketch London is one of London’s most instagrammable places to eat/drink.
  • Must wear: quirky, artsy clothes to get in
  • Tip: Make a reservation way in advance
  • Don’t forget to visit the bathrooms and walk all the other rooms!
  • Post your adventure on insta otherwise, did you even go?

That’s it! So tell me:

What’s your go-to spot for a girls’ night out?
Would you try sketch? Let me know below!

Spot you soon,



8 thoughts on “Step into the instagrammable world of Sketch London

  1. I’m on Skyscanner rn, to book a flight to London & a cab to Sketch, as I type away.

    Loved every bit of the article Neens – it’s so refreshing and lovely to find out about these gems around the world, through your ojos and thoughts.

    Looking forward to the countless number of future posts ❤

    Till then, Au revoir Mi àmor.


    1. Aww Nehu!! ❤ That's so so nice of you. I just saw your message! I can't wait till you come visit one day and we go to sketch for a little spot of tea and a scone! Love you forever ❤


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