Hi, I’m Red, nice to meet ya!


Hi, I’m Red from Spot The Redhead! (Or Karina, but most of my friends call me Red.) It’s been a little while since my last post and my life has done a complete 180 turn! Read on if you’re new here or you haven’t heard from me in a while… Let’s chat!

I’m an adventure-seeking, advertising creative and travel blogger from sunny Los Angeles, now living in good ol’ London, England!

I followed my dreams across the world, which meant leaving all of my friends and family behind to do my Masters of Advertising in Scotland. Then, without warning, the universe pulled me away from Scotland to live in east London and finally achieve my goal of becoming an advertising creative. SMASHED IT!

If you haven’t heard much from me lately, it’s because I’ve been moving in with my loving boyfriend, trying to get my new cat, Frog, to love me, forgetting to shower and eat from working too late, trying to figure out what clothes to wear in this strange climate, and slaying some briefs for really big brands.


This is my cat, Frog.

Half lovely ginger kitten, half devil incarnate.

It’s been a fantastic little period of life, but I’m ready to deep dive back into my passion for travelling. I’ve been loving getting close and personal with my new home country and I can’t wait to share all the ‘bits n bobs’ (or places) that I’ve found with you!

To me, ‘travelling’ doesn’t have to mean big expensive beach trips or 6 month gap years.  It really can be a state of mind of being grateful to explore what’s in your backyard right now. I’ve gotten a little reminder of that recently, so I’m here to say that life is just one big adventure. Never take it for granted cuz it’s too damn short! You never know what hidden gems are right under your nose, go out and take a look!

Some things I love:

Finding and petting dogs- especially on the tube
Exploring on the weekends
Not wearing bras or pants
Love me some empanadas
Writing my heart and soul onto white paper with black ink
Drinking with friends in a park
A good Netflix binge
Stopping to take 1000 pictures
Having heart to hearts over a cuppa
Making a fool of myself in public- on purpose

Now, tell me a little bit about you. Who are you, where ya from, and what’s your travel philosophy?


Red xx

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