Foodie tour of London: Café in the Crypt

If I tell you to think of a crypt, I’m positive that your first thought isn’t, ‘a lovely place for afternoon tea!’ You’re probably thinking a cold, dark dungeon with coffins and candles, that maybe houses a ghost story or two. You wouldn’t be too far off with your description! But in true London fashion, the weirder your experience when having food and drink, the better! Enter: Café in the Crypt, a cool and affordable underground cafe located under the church St Martin-in-the-fields, near Trafalgar Square.

A one minute walk from Charing Cross Station, this affordable coffee stop is hidden right underneath all the tourist’s noses. Look for a sign that says ‘Café in the Crypt’ and take the stairs (or elevator) down a floor. Enter the cool crypt, grab yourself a tray, collect all the goodies you can manage to fit on one tray (so many delicious things to pick from!), pay, and then sit under the gorgeous crypt ceiling. 


I had a breakfast tea with milk and a plate of scones with cream & jam. Mmm! After a long day of exploring and walking miles throughout London, 4 o’clock tea really does hit the spot. Maybe I’m becoming British after all?



I haven’t tasted the homemade food yet, but I did notice everyone else in the cafe having the fish ‘n’ chips. It MUST BE good if literally everyone else’s plates were filled with fishy-mushy-pea-goodness. Give it a try if you’re feeling hungry, it looked to die for! (Too many crypt puns for you yet?)

For all you Harry Potter fans, this cafe felt like having a drink in Hogsmeade village, or maybe eating a fish ‘n’ chips in the hallowed halls of Hogwarts. This cafe is so peaceful, I swear even mummies could unwind here. 

If you’re tired of the same ol’ Cafe Nero or Pret coffee, definitely give this aesthetically-pleasing place a go. 

All jokes aside, their coffee is seriously good and their profits go to the church above ground. If this place isn’t cool enough already, they have live jazz Wednesday nights where you can fill your soul, and your belly, for a cool 12-15 pounds. Sounds like an unusual night to remember! Check out their website here.

Café in the Crypt is a hidden gem underneath the hustle and bustle of Trafalgar square and we felt lucky to have found it. If you’re having a touristy day out and you’re in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, skip the chain coffee stores and try one of London’s oldest spots.

Tell me, would you ever have coffee in a crypt? Too spooky for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to know what you think. Anyone want to meet for a coffee and scone?!

Spot you soon,

Red xx


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