Foodie Tour of London: Pavilion Café in Victoria Park


Foodie Tour of London: Pavilion Café in Victoria Park

Nestled under the trees in Ol’ Vicky Park, there’s a breakfast spot that could rival any in inner city London café. The Pavilion Café, famous for their lakeside view and huge banana pancakes. 

So, Why try the Pavilion cafe?

  • You’re hungry.
  • You’re already at Victoria park.
  • You want to impress your friends.
  • You like pancakes!
  • You like the possibility of tree leaves in your breakfast.
  • You read about it on a blog or a food instagram 😉
  • You’re hungry.

I met up with a lovely friend over the weekend who’s always up for an adventure, and this time, we wanted to try a new brunch spot. After many, many, MANY recommendations from others for this spot, we headed over. We had to elbow our way into a spot outside on one of their many long tables and so I thought, ‘Oh, this must be good!’ 

Don’t be intimidated though, the turn-around is quite good so you’ll get a seat quicker than you think!

The menu honestly looked amazing, with so many different options, like the quintessential avocado toast and the surprising choice of Sri Lanken egg curry hoppers.

We both opted for the coconut pancakes with maple syrup, bananas, and creme fraiche and OMG IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Please gaze upon this beauty.


That’s it, just a quick bite on where to eat in London on the weekend! If you go, be sure to tag me in your pictures and let me know what you thought of the Pavilion Café.


Well see, if the weather is good in London, you drink outside! Them’s the rules.

We brought a bottle of prosecco, some little cups, and a picnic blanket to sit by the lake and enjoy the summer air. This is how you finish off a sunday brunch. 10/10 would recommend.



  • Where: Victoria Park, Old Ford Rd, London E9 7DE, next to the lake
  • What to order: Banana pancakes with caramel and creme fraiche
  • Closest tube station: Mile End tube plus a 15 min walk

Your turn, what’s the best breakfast spot you’ve had in central London? Give me all the recommends! Want to meet for breakfast?!

Spot you soon, 



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