Foodie Tour of London: Fuwa Fuwa pancakes


Foodie Tour of London: Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes


“IT’S SO FLUFFY, I”M GOING TO DIEEEE.” This quote from Despicable Me is the main thought I had when I saw the pancakes at Fuwa Fuwa. They are the japanese soufflé version of the good ol’ pancake, and BOY are they gorgeous. 

Read on if you want me to SPILL THE REAL TEA on this London hotspot.

Okay, come on guys, I had to… 


Nik’s best friend from The North came to stay with us in London and THE ONE spot he wanted to pay a visit to was Fuwa Fuwa. These jiggly pancakes have taken over Instagram, they have been name-dropped in many a conversation all over the city, and they are now part of the tourism scene.


Okay, quick pit stop– so y’all probably know by now that I always DO IT FOR THE ‘GRAM. I LIVE for a restaurant with a cute theme, a great atmosphere, or some good ass food. You could definitely say I had high hopes for this pancake shop. 

Alas, I was disappointed. 

A big group of us walked in pumped up and ready to eat, but we instantly were put off by the atmosphere of the place. It lacked warmth and personality. It felt like a pancake factory or warehouse, not anything like pancake heaven. The best thing about this place were the cloud walls in the back and by the register. 


Alright Red, so give me the DEETZ on dem pancakes: 

I chose the blueberry & yuzu cheesecake pancakes and friends of mine had the strawberry and nutella Pancakes and the original pancakes with honeycomb and maple butter. You can also order a scoop of ice cream to go with your pancakes if you’d like. Everyone in my party didn’t seem too enthusiastic about the ice cream/pancake combo. 


I thought they were beautiful, and they were pretty tasty, but I finished it in seconds. If you know me, you know I’m quite a slow eater, so this was strange. And lest you think it was because it was yummy, it was because I was eating air. The reason they’re so light is because they whip egg whites into them. Some do taste VERY eggy. MAN, you’d need to eat like 3 seperate orders of pancakes just to feel satisfied. Maybe the nutella one would be better because the strawberries and chocolate give you some oomph to chew on. 

Honestly, these pancakes were cute and good for once-in-a-lifetime try, but NOT WORTH going back to. We were all still hungry after and I, for one, have had better pancakes elsewhere. 

Don’t let me stop you though, go and make your own decision about Fuwa Fuwa!

If you feel inclined to visit:

  • Where: Fuwa Fuwa
    Unit 8, Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1AE 
  • Nearest tube station: Russell Square
  • When: BRUNCH TIME, but be prepared for a 20-40 minute wait
  • Why: Do it for the ‘gram. And because pancakes are reason enough. 
  • Check them out: FUWA FUWA INSTA

Your turn! Tell me in the comments which were the best pancakes you’ve ever had. Where were they and what kind were they? Would you ever try these Souffle pancakes? 

Spot you soon,

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2 thoughts on “Foodie Tour of London: Fuwa Fuwa pancakes

  1. I enjoyed the food itself but it was slightly pricey, especially for just the add ons. One scoop of ice cream was £2 (I had Matcha but it wasn’t as nice as I expected). There is a warning for wait times which is expected given its success and the fact that they have to be batch made and eaten right away – but despite this the wait time was reasonable and we got a table straight away.
    I really want to have more soufflé pancakes though or make them myself – they’re fairly easy to make with a few ingredients.

    I definitely agree on the atmosphere of the place though. It seemed understaffed and there wasn’t really one set person manning the till. The menus weren’t displayed largely or clearly – just being on a small piece of paper on a holder, and it felt rushed or cold when ordering. It wasn’t a great customer experience and it’s a shame because I love the food and the cloud theme they have going on, but it didn’t all come together, and despite the pancakes being fluffy, I didn’t get a fluffy, fuzzy feeling overall being there.

    There was also only one toilet at the back, which meant there was a queue formed when I went to visit it.

    With all the buzz about it on social media I think they could do with investing in more staff or a slightly warmer venue if it continues its success. It’s slightly niche, but I think there’s a lot of interest in Asian food and ‘grammable food as always. I hope at least more places pop up selling the same thing to give them some competition. And hopefully some will appear up north so I can go!


    1. Andy! This comment is amazing, thank you so much for your review! Yeah definitely agree with you. The food itself wasn’t bad, the place just didn’t leave you with that fluffy fuzzy feeling you mentioned. I hope you try to make these on your own, I’m sure they are going to be amazing. It was still a great adventure going with you and the guys, our next food adventure will be even better! ❤


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