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Things are getting crazy with COVID-19 taking over, so a VACATION was just the ticket to lift my spirits and keep me sane. I thought, now is the perfect time to travel to and explore one of my favourite locations in the world:

My home.

Welcome to the Indoor Travel Blog


You all know I LOVE to wake up early and head out on an adventure. When I go on a trip, the first thing I do is get a piping hot Americano to go. I need enough caffeine to get me going and give me energy to explore all the famous landmarks. Luckily for me, I don’t have to wear pants to visit this coffee shop.


At ‘Cafe Shrek’ or the ‘Swamp Shack’, as Nik likes to call it interchangeably, I get to kiss the cute barista (when he’s not wearing this ridiculous mask) and I get my coffee for free. The bean of the day is Dark Arts’ Hitman and you can buy their varieties here: Dark Arts Coffee (not an ad.) If you’d like to follow ‘Cafe Shrek’, you can do so on instagram.(ad)coffee1

After all that caffeine, I like to hit my high energy activity of the day first.

Today, it’s laying around.

Is this a renaissance painting or is it just my living room? When I travel, I like to do it in style. Today’s fashion of the day? Blanket burrito chic, with a pop of Van Gogh-inspired sunflowers. I love socializing with the locals, even if we don’t speak the same language. When I asked for his recommendations on things to do in the area, he ignored me and went to sleep. Pretty rude.livingroomNothing brightens up my spirit more than a beautiful waterfall cascading down my back… but TLC told me not to go out chasing waterfalls, so for them (and for COVID-19,) I listened. Here’s the shower.

It’s almost like Hawaii.

But man-made.

And seriously lacking in pineapples. 


“Live, laugh, love, or some shite like that”

Wow. What can I say. This local spa ain’t cuttin’ it. I brought my own pineapple this time and fruity cocktail (shout out to Berocca vitamins) but it could use some hot water and lots of bubbles. No matter. Still chillin.’ I’m glad that I have it all to myself and it’s open 24/7.spaday

“Your limitation is only your imagination”

Anyone else an adventure-junkie like me?! I love it when my heart races on safari and I get up-close and personal with the wildlife.

Crikey, I caught me a rare, orange-tailed, beady-eyed miniature tiger. Here’s Froggy striking a pose. Luckily I always have my trusty camera with me and my personal instagram boyfriend to catch this amazing once-in-a-lifetime moment.



The #ViewFromAbove is actually pretty stellar here and it is even more beautiful at night. 5 Stars. When traveling, I like to spend a few hours with my nose pressed up against the glass and reminisce about the good ol’ days when I could go outside and frolic within 6 feet of another human.

Froggy doesn’t even know what could’ve been, as he’s never been outside.

[Distant music:] ‘Mad World’ by Gary Jules


Overall, my home is one of my favourite places to travel. It has such a variety of activities, people, and things to see. 10/10 would recommend you to visit (after this is all over anyways!) We’ll grab a cup of coffee at mine, what do ya say?

“Not all those who wander are lost. Some are just in the living room.”

Okay, so I know it really sucks that we all can’t go outside and travel right now. But I say, let’s be creative! Travel in your own home. Let’s stay indoors, wash our hands, be educated, and stay calm.

Nik and I had a cracking time photographing this and laughing because that’s all we really can do to keep sane.

Love you all and spot you (out in the real world) hopefully soon!

Red x


9 thoughts on “The Indoor Travel Blog

  1. One of the best things I’ve ever read! This is just beautiful. Your creativity astounds me. I love you forever Red ❤️


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