7 photos that will inspire you to ditch the Tube in London

I get it, the tube and the buses are SOOOO convenient. I love using them too (no shade, TFL!) But I recently realised that when I take the tube, I see only two locations: where I get in and where I get out (obviously, haha.) But when COVID 19 hit us all, I started walking more and I found so many lovely side streets and charming corners of London that I wouldn’t have found if I had taken the bus.

Look at this beautiful street. To me it feels like the setting of the straight-to-TV movie called, ‘oh, my nose is in a wonderful book and look at me, I’ve just bumped into a beautiful stranger with a butt-chin who helps me pick up my things- and the pieces of my broken heart’ (Okay, dramatic blogger) but for realll, this is such a dreamy and romantic street, isn’t it?

I SWOON over this charming window display in Notting Hill. I’m no art director, but the bright colours against the stark white windows are very pleasing to the eye. (Sorry if this is your window I peeped at!)

LOOK AT THIS spooky, fall themed gate I spotted in East London.
Reminder to myself: Go get pumpkin everything. It has begun!

I love that English pubs look like this, so cheery and colourful! This looks nothing like the TGI Fridays we have back home in Orange County. Does this picture make you want to cheers a pint at this flower-power pub in Greenwich? I do, let’s go!

Not only are walks great for exercise and photography, they can also be inspiring for creatives I find the corners of Brick Lane to be quite beautiful, like this one. I love the way the light was shining on this street art face and the fact that no one was around. Shoreditch is an epic place to go on an inspirational walk, if you just need a quick jolt of creativity. There’s something cool on literally every street.

Speaking of Shoreditch, there’s this wall that is CONSTANTLY changing with street art and I am hereee for all the murals. This is me cheering my cup of coffee to a good morning. You can find this mural walking on Holywell Lane, though I can’t promise you’ll see the Clockwork Orange art though. (If you visit, tag me in your photos so I can see!)

Wow. Notting Hill in the springtime, when the cherry blossoms bloom and the Instagrammers come out to play, is a gorgeous place to explore. Every lane looks like this (sorry I can’t remember this specific street!) so you’ll definitely see variations of this photo. Just have a wee wander. If walking through these on your morning commute or on your lunch break doesn’t cheer you up, well hunny…. that’s okay. We’re still in a pandemic. Things are hard. At least fresh air is good for the soul. *Hugs*


There you have it.

Those are just 7 of the millions of charming streets in London. I haven’t walked them all yet, but this pandemic is long, so maybe I will by then.

If you don’t live in London (hello, international friends!,) I’m sure the corners of Ohio or Pasadena are interesting too, if you stop to take a look. Swap the car or subway for a slower pace and see what you find there.

Share with me in the comments!

  • Did I inspire you to get out and walk around more?
  • Which was your favourite corner of London that I shared?
  • Is there a nice area around you that you love to walk and get inspiration?

Disclaimer: Please be safe when wandering around the random streets of your city. Stay aware πŸ™‚Β 

Spot you soon,

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