CUTE ALERT: 29 year old reviews my ’25 goals for my 25th year’ list

beautyplus_20160708200637_save.jpgOnce upon a time, when I was 25 and had just started writing this blog, I came upon a post by GenTwenty about 25 things to do before you turn 25. I then decided to write myself a list for my upcoming 25th birthday.

Flash forward four years to 2020 and the 30 draft blogs that have been waiting for me to publish them- including this one. Dude, I really need to just post the blogs I write and not over think things. 

Anyways, I’m laughing because some of these are silly, but most of them I actually have accomplished. There is something to be said for writing and visualising what you want to achieve in your life. It ALWAYS works for me. 

So, please laugh and enjoy the 25 basic goals I wrote for my 25th year, and see how 29 year old me measures up. Happy birthday to me?

25 goals for 25…

  • Learn to change a tire
    • I live in the UK without a car now so…no. Maybe one day I’ll learn!
  • Take a solo trip
    • I traveled all over Europe and then moved to Scotland and London solo!
  • Become a morning person
    • I wakeup at 5:30-6 every day for productivity, baby! Who EVER would’ve thought tat would be me. It’s just so nice when it’s quiet and I can think.
  • Start recording travel videos  
    • I just recorded my 3rd video last month to try it out and see if I like doing it. Stay tuned..
  • Apply to Grad School
    • I graduated with a Masters Degree (with Distinction!) So proud. It was the best decision ever to go to Edinburgh Napier Uni for one year.
  • Hike, do yoga, or exercise at least 1x a week
    • Who was this previous me and what was she even thinking? Haha. I do yoga and I walk all over London every weekend, so that’s all you get.
  • Take my vitamins EVERY NIGHT
    • What an exciting goal for a 25 year old. Again, didn’t I have more exciting goals? Well, I take them every morning now. Well done me.
  • Fly to England to stay with Charlotte in her new home in the UK
    • I’ll one up this and say I moved to the UK so I can visit Charlotte here whenever I want.
  • Find my favorite wine
    • Cheers to learning that I’m more of a whisky and gin girl and not letting some idealised view of drinking wine in adulthood sway that πŸ™‚
  • Find a mentor for my advertising career or travel blog
    • I have so many mentors in advertising now! I’m so lucky that I’ve found people that inspire me and support me in this crazy industry. Shout out to you, you know who you are!
  • Email my dream companies
    • I’m working in my dream job now: Advertising Copywriter. I guess I could also transition to working at Nat Geo Travel or something like that one day. I definitely am grateful and happy now where I am though.
  • Learn to make 2 lunch or dinner dishes from scratch
    • I meal prep and make every single meal from scratch now. Making homemade butternut squash soup is my favourite! Nik was just telling me yesterday that he thinks we are fantastic chefs.
  • Learn 1 family recipe by heart
    • OH YES, this goal was my absolute favourite one to master. I cook family recipes more than ever to help curb the homesickness: Empanadas, dulce de leche, thanksgiving feasts…yum.
  • Do something that scares me
    • This one is a bit vague but I know I’ve done many scary, wonderful things over the past 4 years: I’ve asked for raises, I’ve told a friend she was letting me down but then we have rebuilt, I’ve had hard relationship conversations, I’ve moved to new cities alone. I think it’s good to continuously push yourself outside of your comfort zone. That’s how we grow, baby.

There you have it! I guess I freakin’ did it. I feel accomplished and it feels nice to sit back and realise that younger me would be proud of the woman I am today. CUTE.

SO, let’s chat!

What are the current goals you are working on? Do you have a list?

Have you ever looked back and measured how far you’ve come?

How did you do?

Spot you soon,


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