*Handle, not cure. The intensity might fade, but it never totally goes away

It’s Thanksgiving back home in California,

and I’m 5000 miles away in London.

Normally this means I’m crying while I’m putting my makeup on or frantically searching for a Turkey sandwich in Pret. 

Homesickness is a strange beast. Some days you feel so lucky to live abroad, beaming inside about how brave you were to move, and then something triggers you and all of a sudden you’re hunting your corner shop for basic snacks you used to love (cheezits) and missing a hug from your grandma, mom, dad, brother, dog, bird, cat, etc! 

What a wild ride. 

Here’s what helps me when I feel homesick:

  • SIT- Let yourself feel it!! It’s really okay and it will pass again
  • WRITE- mail letters to your family- the act of doing it feels like a weight is lifted off
  • WALK- Go for a walk in a new area of your city that you haven’t explored yet!
  • TALK-Talk about it with your friends here, you’re not a burden
  • JOIN- join expat groups on facebook and instagram because they’re always feeling the same!
  • CALL – your family members with video on- it does help
  • HELP- volunteer to help others in your new country and spread goodness (it’ll cheer you too)
  • EAT- make a family recipe, mine are empanadas
  • READ OR WATCH- WOW yourself about something in your new country
  • CRY- while looking at photos from back home, might as well get the tears out!
  • RECORD- recording a video for my loved ones and sending it helps the feeling get off my chest
  • WEAR- an outfit that reminds you of home (I throw on a flannel shirt, jeans, cowboy boots, and a pukka shell necklace and just laugh at myself walking to the tube)
  • WAIT- hang in there, it’ll pass. ❤️

    If all that fails, Mint chocolate ice cream and the beach boys usually work for me.

    xx hugs!!!!

HEY TRAVELERS, TELL ME! How do you handle homesickness? What helps you? Let me know in the comments below

Spot you soon,

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  1. Hi Karina!
    It’s very interesting to read the perspective of American living abroad. On my blog I often write my perspective of Polish person living in the United States!
    Homesickness is a strange thing, it sneaks up on you. I feel that Christmas time is the most difficult for me. But I am trying to not to think about it too much and stay busy. Also, listening to Polish music and calling my Polish family and friends help. But the worst homesick feeling is after any time my visit in Poland is over and I am back in the United States. Usually it takes me a week to be ok again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw hi to another traveler living far away from home! Poland to the US is a big jump, how are you liking it so far? The holidays are the hardest part for me too, but I love that you listen to music from back home. That is a great suggestion! I hope you can visit your family soon, Anna.


      1. I like US a lot. I came here in 2016 and I can already call it my second home. I met my husband here so I guess I am staying for longer than I thought haha. I hope you will have a chance soon to visit your family too. Hopefully it will be easier to travel in 2021.

        Liked by 1 person

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