well hi there :)

Or Red, as my family calls me.

I was born a traveler, ever since I was a little girl in my father’s backpack. My parents are avid hikers, travelers by profession, and lovers of adventure. They used to strap me on their back, slather me with sunscreen (as I am a natural redhead- we burn), and take off up the tallest mountains they could find. When my brother came along, they strapped him to their backs too! By the age of 13, I’d been to more places than most people have ever dreamed of. What a life.

Each place I’ve traveled holds special memories and a great place in my heart, but some are just a little higher on the list! My favorite places in the world are as follows: Hiking ‘The Narrows’ in Utah, United States and ‘Las Moras’ Estancias, in Concepcion del Urugay. I am always on the lookout for new favorites, but nothing has topped these places yet!

I grew up to be a person who craves new experiences and adventure, so I blew up my life in the best way possible (NO REGRETS!) and moved from LA to Edinburgh two years ago to get a Masters in Creative Advertising from Edinburgh Napier Uni. Along the way I also picked up D&AD Yellow Pencil award!

Fast forward to today and I’m an award-winning creative copywriter from Los Angeles that’s currently working and living in London. I’ve found my home writing commercials for big brands like Amazon Prime and Persil and writing for my travel blog on the side. 

I still love traveling and writing about it, now with a more creative lens!

Follow me as I travel around my city, my country, around the world and document it for you! I am all about traveling off the beaten path, trying small local restaurants, and finding hidden gems in cities that are often overlooked by tourists. Let’s get ready to have an adventure!

I’m happy you’re here! 

Let’s be IG friends for daily content and random fun


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