How To Be Thankful- In Spanish! #LanguageLunes

Hi Travelers, It’s Monday and since it is almost Thanksgiving, I thought I’d do a special Thanksgiving themed Spanish Lesson!  These are phrases that would be super helpful around the Thanksgiving table or in every day conversations. Language Lunes Muchisimas Gracias- Thank you very much (Moo-chee-see-mass  Grah-see-yas) Estoy tan agredecido por- I am thankful for … More How To Be Thankful- In Spanish! #LanguageLunes


I think this world needs a little more positivity right now, and what better way to do that than spreading some self-love around?! Challenge accepted! Upload 4-5 pictures of you–ONLY YOU, then tag more gorgeous people to do the same. Build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down. Share your beauty!! I tagged you all … More #SHAREYOURBEAUTY