Speak like an Argentine #LanguageLunes

Today is #LANGUAGELUNES which means it’s time to learn some SPANISH! Today’s theme is about people and how to describe them.


  • PIBE- A Man, similar to chico.
  • MINA- A woman, similar to chica.
  • CALLEJERA- (Depends on the context) A person who goes out on the town a lot, or it could mean a stray or a whore… literally translated it means ‘from the street.’ Honestly, I’ve only ever heard it in the context of “wow, you go out so much!”

Example: “Che pibe, como estas?” roughly translated: “Hey dude, how are you?”

I hope that when you hear these words, you’ll have a better understanding of what others are saying. Every little bit helps! Have you ever heard these words before?

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Spot you soon,


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