48 hours in Ibiza: Clubs, Beaches & #TravelTips!


“Good Girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Ibiza!”

If this is the motto of Ibiza, you can only imagine what life on the island is going to be like!


We flew to Ibiza after a wonderful week in Barcelona and honestly, I didn’t think Ibiza could top Barcelona’s amazing Platja Barceloneta (Beach.)

I’m happy to say, Ibiza was exactly the kind of party paradise that you expect!

What is the best way to GET to IBIZA?:

We took a Balearic Ferry from Port Olympic in Barcelona, and honestly, it was fantastic! You could travel cheaply and just pay for an overnight seat on the ship, but we ‘splurged’ for a shared room.


M and I shared the most ‘magical’ room with a beautiful shower!! (Can you tell we were suffering at this point in our backpacking journey? Every little bit of ‘luxury’ just made our day.) I was worshiping my bed in this picture.


The ferry had dinner, a bar, and a bed, which is all we needed. We watched the Barcelona lights slowly drift away and then woke up at 6am to the paradise island of Eivissa!

TIP: *Purchase ferry tickets online, ahead of time, and have someone translate it for you!*

Which side of the island should you stay on: 

We stayed in Sant Antoni de Portmany. We had heard it was close to all the great clubs and beaches, which proved true! Our hostel was a short walk to the bus station, which was key to getting to all the best beaches and clubs at night!


Find out more about Hostal Balearic-  click here 

-Side note: I enjoyed this hostel. It was very plain and simple, but had no wi-fi! You could pay for wifi, but I heard it didn’t work past the second floor. We had to carry our bags up to the 4th floor and it was a workout every time. Definitely good for backpackers and budget-conscious travelers, not for families or for those used to luxury.

Places to Eat:

If you walk downtown, on the island side of Sant Antoni de Portmany, you’ll find hundreds of little restaurants, shops, and outside bars. To be honest, we drank a lot and I can’t remember where we ate!!! I’ve heard it said that you drink your meals in Ibiza, and this couldn’t be more true. Ha, sorry!!

Best Beaches:

I am a mermaid. I’ve got the long, red hair and the obsession with anything beachy. So I am here to tell you, Ibiza’s beaches were out-of-this-world fantastic!


Cala Comte was my favorite beach in Ibiza. It was a topless beach and I definitely joined in on the fun! What a fun, freeing, fabulous beach! There were schools of fish in the water, the water was warm, and it was not crowded at all. It was a 20-30 minute bus ride from the station and it was less than $4 to get there and back. Nothing beats that.


One of the locals who I befriended in our hostel told me to explore Cala D’Hort, Punta Galera, and Cala Bassa when I had the chance. She gushed that they were her absolute FAVORITE beaches and that the views were incredible!  I recommend listening to her because she was so right!



Want to see all the beaches on the island? Click here <- This website has great photos!

Try this club: Neon Glow Paint Party @ Privilege Nightclub

You CAN’T go to IBIZA and NOT party! Haven’t you ever wanted to glow like a rainbow and dance with hundreds of other people who shine just as bright?!


This party was SO much fun! The music was so loud you could feel it bumping in your heart. You don’t even need to buy glow paint because everyone just squirts you with theirs! Wear clothes you don’t care about! At the end of the night, there is a huge countdown surprise. 😉 10/10 Would recommend.

(Don’t plan a flight 1 hour after the party ends at 6am, like we did! We may have been just barely made it on the plane with leftover paint everywhere…)

Click here  for more info on the neon paint party. You will not regret it.

Take this boat trip: Float Your Boat Party

Sunshine, yummy drinks, loud music, dancing, and beautiful views of Ibiza’s water- what could be better! 467482489

Hop on this boat for a couple hours and you’ll have the best time. Its absolutely a memory you’ll have for a lifetime.

Click here for more info on the float your boat party. Your snaps from it will be the envy of all your friends back at home.

Ibiza feels like a forbidden paradise. It’s a place you’ll want to brag about to all your friends, and avoid talking about with your mom and dad.

Last Quick Ibiza Tips:

-Get on the list for the club you are going to that night
-Drink before you get to the club (this includes lots water! It’s 11 Euros for a water bottle in this nightclub)
-Take the party bus from the central station with all the other partiers because it’s a great time
-Definitely don’t be afraid to get a little wild and crazy on Ibiza’s topless beaches. You only live once.

If you’re looking for an adventure and to get down and dirty, get your butt to IBIZA STAT. 48 hours of constant partying is all you really need! 

Spot you soon, 


I would love it if you could share my post, and let me know what you think about Ibiza. Would you travel here? Tag a friend you’d like to go with!!

Stay tuned for more stories on Venice, Florence, and Rome!

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